Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation


James F. Dama

Graduate Student
Voth Group
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago

James Dama received his B.Sc. (hons) in Chemical Engineering in 2010 from Caltech. He joined the Voth group in 2010 and currently works on the development of novel coarse-graining methodologies as part of the NSF-funded Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation.

Research Interests:

I seek to understand the breakdown of classical continuum field theories by examining the transition from the bottom up. My research focuses on the development of new coarse-graining methodologies based on the Multiscale Coarse-Graining (MS-CG) framework to clarify the ways in which models at different levels of description can be related to one another and used in place of one another to achieve computational efficiencies. I believe that this research area has the potential to spawn fundamentally new conceptual approaches to defining what the 'stuff' is that we study in physical chemistry. I have strong related interests in free energy methods, singular perturbation methods, and the application of machine learning to complex optimization problems subject to data and parameter uncertainty.