Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation


Ruhong Zhou

RSM & Manager, Soft Matter Theory and Simulation
IBM Research

Dr. Zhou is currently a Research Staff Scientist and Manager of Soft Matter Theory and Simulation, at IBM Research, and an Adjunct Professor at Department of Chemistry, Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University (with Prof. Bruce Berne) in 1997. He joined IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center in 2000, after spending two and a half years working with Prof. Richard Friesner (Columbia Univ) and Prof. William Jorgensen (Yale Univ) on polarizable force fields. His current research interests include development of novel algorithms for computational biology and bioinformatics, protein folding dynamics, protein-protein interaction, confined water and hydrophobicity, as well as protein-nanoparticle interactions (nanotoxicity). He has published 120 peer-reviewed papers and 15 patents, and delivered 150+ invited talks worldwide. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Current Physical Chemistry (2012- ) and a Guest Editor for Nanoscale (2011), and also serves on editorial boards of 5 international journals. He was elected to AAAS Fellow and APS Fellow in 2011. 

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