Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation


About Us

The core CMTS team includes a diverse group of leading researchers at the University of Chicago from the fields of theoretical/computational chemistry, biophysics, mathematics, statistics and computer science. This team will work together synergistically to develop a new multiscale theoretical and computer simulation capability to bridge behavior at the molecular scale to that of complex, collective processes at the cellular scale. Numerous experimental and industrial collaborations will also be involved in the project. The CCI project will have broad impact in the scientific and educational communities through technological innovation, education and outreach. 


From left to right, the CMTS members in this photograph are: Jonathan Weare, Aaron Dinner, Benoit Roux, Gregory Voth, Anton Sinitskiy, Candice Lewis, Joseph Baker, Esmael Haddadian, Bo Qi, Jun Fan, Karl Freed, Martin McCullagh, Nina Hinrichs, James Dama and Zhen Cao.